My Financial Goals

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My Financial Goals has Moved!!

Well I have really been slacking and while I've had tons of posts that have been running through my head lately, I haven't posted anything because I knew I would be moving my blog and well that would just be more stuff I would have to move. Well I wanted everything to be perfect before I made the switch to the new site, but well life has gotten in the way and well I've made the decision to move with my new site sort of under construction. At least that way I can keep adding content and well no one reads my site anyways.

Also I've kind of renamed my blog as was not avaialable, so I am switching to My Financial Journey and the corresponding website is

So see you at the new place

Jan 2006 - Net Worth Report

Well I made some pretty good progress this month. Most of it was due to making a $4,000 contribution to my Roth IRA account. I haven't deposited my wife's $4k yet because I wasn't exactly sure what my cash flow situation was coming off of Christmas/My Wife's birthday(piano) and I honestly have no idea what taxes are going to be like this year, so I decided to play it safe and hold onto it for a month or two as a cushion so our cash reserves don't get too low. Besides the contribution my investments did very well this month, probably the best month I have ever had since I've been investing, not that it really accounts for much in the long run, but I believe I saw my entirer portfolio grow over 5% the last week due to positive earnings reports by many of my stock holdings. Also notice the new Roth 401k Account. Anyway here is the report. Traditional 401k Balance =: $10, 730.42 (+5.75%) Roth 401K Balance = $615.14 (+100%) My Roth IRA = $11, 074.37 (+63.74%) Wife Roth IRA = $8,003.95 (+3.86%) Net Worth = $30,423.88 (+23.59%)

Monday, January 30, 2006

Where the heck is the author?

Sorry I haven't been very diligent in putting up new content lately. I am actually working on upgrading my blog and will be moving it to my own webhost with its own domain. Hopefully I get this done by this weekend and then I will start posting articles/comments on a regular basis again. Also I may actually change the title of my blog as MyFinancialGoals is not an available domain name. I'll keep you posted.