My Financial Goals

Saturday, January 14, 2006


Maybe I should have mentioned this right away but I really have no clue what I am doing. I am not an expert, nor even that knowledgeable about investing or saving for retirement. I really have very little experience in financial matters and my career has absolutely nothing to do with financials of any sort (computer programming). Anything that I say on this blog is most likely just my opinion and has no scientific data or knowledge to back it up. Most of what I say will be a culmination of what I have learned so far or just some convoluted idea I came up with myself. If by chance I do state some fact or figure assume it is just some number I made up in my head. In instances where I am actually using valid data or viewpoints I'll be sure to point that out for you and include the source. Regardless I do not necessarily endorse how I go about doing things and I am not recommending you listen to what I say or follow what I do. I'm just an average person looking to learn more about personal finance and hopefully improve my chances at being successfull in the process. As always when it comes to financial matters - don't ever just take advice from one source, seek out as many reputable sources as possible (I'm probably not included in this list) and make decisions for yourself.


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