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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jan 2006 - Net Worth Report

Well I made some pretty good progress this month. Most of it was due to making a $4,000 contribution to my Roth IRA account. I haven't deposited my wife's $4k yet because I wasn't exactly sure what my cash flow situation was coming off of Christmas/My Wife's birthday(piano) and I honestly have no idea what taxes are going to be like this year, so I decided to play it safe and hold onto it for a month or two as a cushion so our cash reserves don't get too low. Besides the contribution my investments did very well this month, probably the best month I have ever had since I've been investing, not that it really accounts for much in the long run, but I believe I saw my entirer portfolio grow over 5% the last week due to positive earnings reports by many of my stock holdings. Also notice the new Roth 401k Account. Anyway here is the report. Traditional 401k Balance =: $10, 730.42 (+5.75%) Roth 401K Balance = $615.14 (+100%) My Roth IRA = $11, 074.37 (+63.74%) Wife Roth IRA = $8,003.95 (+3.86%) Net Worth = $30,423.88 (+23.59%)


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