My Financial Goals

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Welcome!! You must have somehow mistyped, misclicked, or missearched and ended up on my blog page. I am starting this blog to track my financial journey through life. Despite the blogs title I don't really have my financial goals set in stone, or for that matter I'm not sure I have even set a whole lot of goals for myself, but well that will be the purpose of this blog. I've run across quite a few other excellent personal finance blogs and think it is a great idea tool to learn how to manage your money better. And its a great way to make sure you are on track to achieving what financial goals you have set for yourself. Anyway bear with me as I get this site off the ground. I am pretty new to blogging and I have a lot to learn before I get this site to where I want it to be. Hopefully it will turn out half as good as some of the sites I have already run across.


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