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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

High School Econ and Yoohoo

Well after exponentiation lessons in Math class I really had no reason to think about investing. Heck that was only for grown up people with jobs, I'd have to wait to put my devious plan into action. So really investing did not consume much of my thoughts through high school. Senior year I took an Economics class and while we discussed relevant economic theories I probably was too busy oogling at the girls in the class because I honestly don't remember much about the theory being taught in the class and really did not understand the stock market at all. But there is one thing I really remember from that class. Well we were suppose to pick some stocks to track, and I believe we actually competed in some mock stock portfolio competition. Back in those days I didn't know much about computers and wasn't too aware of this whole internet thing, so I'd go down to the library and look up stock prices in the newspaper (you'll see the irony in this situation once you find out what my profession is and what I went to school for the following fall). Anyway I don't remember much about my stock picks other than I decided to follow Yahoo. Now just to prove what a stock picking genius I was I honestly thought that I was following the chocolate milk shake drink (Yoohoo). Well I think I bought the stock at $8-$12 and by the time the class was over Yahoo was selling for over $100 a share and as I follow the stock for the next year or so after the class it got as high as $250 a share and was constantly splitting. Had I actually thrown some money in the stock for real I'd probably be able to buy a few of those Yoohoo drinks I was so fond of.


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